PRESS RELEASE: Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. Bettering Its Community

PRESS RELEASE: Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. Bettering Its Community

DALLAS, TX – Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. team members recently took part in a project to collect and donate towels and blankets to their local homeless shelter. Brennan, the company’s President, asserted that the effort was a major success.

Giving back to the community has long been a focus of the Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. culture. The firm’s associates are dedicated to supporting others. They strive to make their local area a better place to live for everyone. These projects are often near and dear to the team members’ hearts. They work together to identify how they can have the greatest impact as a group.

“We are excited to announce our most recent Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. philanthropic effort in organizing a blanket/towel drive for the homeless shelter in our community,” he said. “We decided to put out a donation box for our associates, friends, and family to drop off any blankets or towels to be donated to the homeless shelter. Homelessness is something we care deeply about, and our entire team agreed to help.”

According to Brennan, the firm’s executives’ efforts significantly helped the shelter. It was a way for the associates to make a notable impact on the lives of people living in their community. He added that sometimes small acts can make the greatest difference, when applied well.

“It feels great helping our community thrive,” he continued. “That feeling is even better because we get to experience it as a group. Giving back is one of our favorite group activities.”

Blue Chip Dallas, Inc.’s President Discussed the Benefits of Giving

Brennan stated that giving back is as beneficial for Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. as it is for the community. Most notably, volunteering and making donations together is a great team-building exercise.

“Giving back to our community not only helps those in need but also helps our people come together for a great cause,” Brennan added. “We are very fortunate to be successful in our line of business and we are happy to help however and whenever we can. Our team members genuinely care about those in the community and we felt this was an incredible time and opportunity to help those around us.”

In today’s business world, a cohesive team is essential for success. So, Brennan considers philanthropy to be as much of an investment into the company as it is doing the right thing. “We all enjoy giving together so much. It is truly a win-win situation. I am looking forward to helping other causes throughout 2018.”

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