Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety With These Tips

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety With These Tips

Public speaking is one of the most powerful professional skills our team members can develop, no matter how frightening many people find it. It’s the reason we make presentation skills big parts of our Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. development program. Here are some of the strategies we share to help people overcome their fear of speaking in public:

• Breathe Deeply: This may sound simplistic, but consider the impact that short, quick breaths have on our bodies – like the kind we take when we’re afraid. Learning to focus on and control our breathing keeps our minds off our fears and allows us to present information as though we’re cool, calm, and collected.

• Redefine How You Feel: When we’re nervous, adrenaline flows through our bodies and gives us instant boosts of energy. Coincidentally, this is exactly what happens when we’re excited as well. That’s why it’s Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. practice to reframe what some might consider nervous energy and think of it as our bodies telling us how excited we are about the great presentations we’re about to give.

• Get Into Character: If someone really can’t imagine being good at public speaking, the next best solution is for them to create an alter ego that absolutely loves being onstage. When the time comes to speak, they get into character and let their gregarious persona handle the audience.

Solid public speaking skills can jumpstart a career. To learn more about the presentation strategies we teach, follow Blue Chip Dallas, Inc. on Newswire.