Why It’s Essential to Lead by Example

There are many ways to describe our Blue Chip Dallas leaders. They are kind, trustworthy, honest, and fair. They aren’t simply all talk when it comes to the concepts of professionalism and ethical behavior; they walk the walk as well. By acting in accordance with their principles, they lead by example and manage responsibly.


There is an important distinction to be made here. It’s one thing to be a moral person, and quite another to lead ethically. As we’ve described, our Blue Chip Dallas leaders are ethical people. Managing with values in mind, however, requires their active efforts to make those beliefs clear to others. For instance, a leader who explains how a commitment to integrity informs the choices he or she makes is managing ethically.


Research shows that people who lead by example are considered by others to be highly effective. This translates to greater job engagement and loyalty for all. Overall performance improves and company success flourishes. To become an ethical manager, it’s important to welcome the input of your people when making big decisions. Be sensitive to their needs, and operate with transparency and authenticity at all times. Also remember to hire people who share your investment in ethical behavior.


Sticking to your principles may sometimes be challenging, but it’s always worthwhile. You can find more Blue Chip Dallas leadership guidelines at bluechipdallas.com.