The Blue Chip Dallas Reputation for Interactive Marketing

The Blue Chip Dallas approach to outreach works because people want dynamic product experiences. When buyers connect with a brand’s message, they are more eager to stay engaged on a long-term basis. Our campaigns are designed to foster such connections. We use innovative concepts that sync with receptive audiences for impressive outcomes.
When it comes to capturing attention, we don’t just turn a few heads. We interact with more than 1,000 individuals daily. This number transforms to 20,000 throughout a 12-day event. Business growth is a given.

Convenience Outsourcing With Blue Chip Dallas

You don’t need an internal marketing team when you partner with Blue Chip Dallas. We’ll handle your outreach while you focus on other priorities.

Business Expertise

At Blue Chip Dallas, our leaders inspire a group of talented promotional specialists. We work together to produce fresh brand interactions.

Rapid Execution

Our team members bring a broad spectrum of abilities to the office. With this combination of talents, we create initiatives with speed.

Instant Promotion

Blue Chip Dallas strikes the balance between creativity and strategy. The resulting brand messages spread from consumer to consumer in no time.

Blue Chip Dallas’ Home Service Representation

Blue Chip Dallas is a premier provider of customer acquisition services for businesses in the home improvement industry. We train our team members to leverage the power of our national partner and our unique outreach approach to expand the reach of the region’s best in-home service solutions. Our presence in this field has not only led to the expansion of our company and increased demand for our services; it also benefits our contractors and their customers. We serve small businesses in HVAC, water filtration, window treatment, garage renovations, and more. By getting their messages to targeted consumers in the area, we ensure that everyone wins. Customers are referred to top professionals and receive gift cards upon enrollment for services. It’s a collaborative solution that continuously bolsters the region’s economy while providing high-level services. We raise the bar for all.

Our team is full of diversity and talent.

Learn how we work together.