Andrew Promoted to Executive Management!

Andrew Promoted to Executive Management!

Among other things, the prospect of merit-based advancement is one of the benefits that bring people to Blue Chip Dallas. Our colleague, Andrew, is a prime example of the way hard work and ambition spur career growth. He was recently promoted to executive management.

According to Brennan, the President of Blue Chip Dallas, “Andrew has shown tremendous development throughout his time in our business. I can think of no one worthier of this promotion. He is consistent, continuously setting and achieving goals. Andrew is also a driven individual who always goes the extra mile for his team.”

On his experience in our organization, Andrew indicates, “I’ve learned a lot about various systems here. I thought I already had a grasp of them in the past, but the opportunity to teach them to others here has given me greater understanding of them. An important lesson is that success is about improvement – not necessarily being the fastest. Speed is important, but the proper technique and skill set goes further than a blind sprint.”

“Both professional and personal parts of my life have exponentially changed since I joined the team,” Andrew continues. “There’s been a night-and-day transformation to my outlook on the future. A phrase from one of our meetings – “I like myself better when I’m working with you” – really stands out to me. I have lots of support, I know where I’m going, and I know how I’m going to get there. With time and incredible effort, I’ll make it.”

We are excited to see all Andrew accomplishes in the future. Follow Blue Chip Dallas on Twitter stay informed of his progress.